Dr. Martin A. Arias Duval

National Director of Migrations
Dr. Martin A. Arias Duval

Lawyer, graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, in 1992. He practices as independent lawyer in Arslanian & Asoc. Law firm, since 2008.
Since December 2007, he is Director of The National Direction of Migration (NDM), a decentralized organization acting in the scope of the Home Ministry of the Nation.
He is a founding member and President of the Foundation More Citizenship (Fundación Más Ciudadanía) which activities are aimed at promoting civic culture, participation and civic commitment, transparency in the management of civil servants, social solidarity, and respect for republican and democratic values.
He was Security Undersecretary of the Ministry of Security of the Province of Buenos Aires, in the period 2004/2007.
Between the years 1999 and 2007, he was Judge on the Criminal Court Nr. 3 of the Judicial Department of Quilmes, Judicial Power of the Province of Buenos Aires.
In 1998 he was Undersecretary of Coordination of the Secretary of Security of the Ministry of Justice and Security of the Province of Buenos Aires, and between 1993 and 1998 he was Secretary of the National Court of Criminal and Correctional Federal Nr. 5.
He teaches at the Migration Policy and Asylum Institute, under the authority of the National University of Tres de Febrero, and taught at the Universities of Buenos Aires, Lomas de Zamora and Abierta Interamericana.
He has taught and has attended various academic and training activities in local, provincial, national and international areas.

Lic. Juan Ignacio Mincarelli Assistant Director of Immigration
Dr. Guillermo Mazars
Lawyer, graduated from the National University of La Plata. Currently, he is taking the Administrative Law Postgraduate Course at the NULP. He is specialist on Insurance and Damage Law. He was head of La Plata Delegation from February 2008 to December 2011.

Camila Martínez

Internal Auditor
Dra. Camila Martínez
Lawyer. She was General Director of Planning and Logistics at the National Direction of RENAPER (National Registry of Persons) and National Director of Driver Licenses and Driving Records in the National Road Safety Agency, under the Home and Transport Ministry. She also was Director of Electoral Law Technique in the Ministry of Local Government of the Province of Buenos Aires.

Dr. Federico Luis Agusti Director of International and Social Affairs
Dr. Federico Luis Agusti
Lawyer. He was Head of the Offices Coordination Department of the NDM and he is the current president of the National Commission for Refugees (CONARE) on behalf of the Home Ministry

Dr. Mariano Pazo Director of Offices
Dr. Mariano Pazo
Lawyer and journalist. He carried out duties as adviser in the Honorable Chamber of Deputies of the Province of Buenos Aires and in the Secretary of Government of the Municipality of Almirante Brown. He was also technical advisor of the NDM.
Dra. Maria Jose Spata

Director of Migration Information
Dra. María José Spata
Lawyer. She was in charge of the Institutional Relations Department and of the International Affairs Department of the Direction of International and Social Affairs of the NDM. She previously served in various areas of the Direction of Migratory Control.

Dr. Carlos Alberto Pagella General Director of Immigration
Dr. Carlos Alberto Pagella
Lawyer – Notary Public. He served as head of the General Direction Audit of Private Security Agencies of the Province of Buenos Aires. He carries out duties as Subsecretary of Security and Civil Defense of the Municipality of Almirante Brown. He performs as head of the Judicial Foreigners Area. He coordinates the Center of Documentation and Files of the NDM.

Sr. Juan De Carli Stay Control Director
Sr. Juan De Carli
Estuvo a cargo del Departamento Documentación de Extranjeros de la DNM. Anteriormente se desempeñó como Coordinador Operativo del Programa Nacional de Regularización Documentaria Migratoria “Patria Grande”.
Dr. Pablo Avalos

Settling Director
Mr. Pablo Avalos
He led the Department of Management of Procedures Mercosur. He was General Coordinator of the National Program for the Migration Documents Regularization. He previously was in charge of the Admissions of Entrants Department.

Sr. Horacio Peirone Migratory Movement General Director
Mr. Horacio Peirone
He was inspector of Entry and Exit Control, head of Stay Control Department. And he was in charge of the Entry and Exit Control Department of the organization.

Sr. Alberto Jesus Rubio Air Traffic Control Director
Mr. Alberto Jesús Rubio
He was in charge of the Bariloche, Rosario and Córdoba Delegations. He performed as Director of Migration Control. He was General Coordinator of OAS (Organization of American States) – IOM (International Organization for Migration) Course - Argentine Government on International Migration.
Sr. Gaston Perez

Border Control Director
Mr. Gastón Perez
He was General Director of Road Safety Police of the Province of Buenos Aires; he served in the National Road Safety Agency and was part on the Control System of the Livestock and Grains of the Undersecretary Transportation Office of the Nation.

Dra. Gabriela Winnik General Administration Director
Dra. Gabriela Winnik
Lawyer. She was technical advisor of the Ministry of Economy of the Nation and Provincial Director of Planning of the Security undersecretary ship of the Province of Buenos Aires.

Cdor. Fernando Ezequiel Fernandez Director de Contabilidad
Cdor. Fernando Ezequiel Fernandez
Accountant – Budget Consultant of the Secretary of Public Works under the Ministry of Economy and Public Works and Services. He performs as Budget Consultant of the Undersecretary of Coordination and Management Control, under the Ministry of Planning, Public Investment and Services. He coordinates the Accountability of the Accounting and Finance Direction - Ministry of Planning.
Dr. Martin Federico Barrios Aguilera Director of Hiring, Patrimonies and Services
Dr. Martín Federico Barrios Aguilera
Lawyer. He was coordinator of the Legal Affairs Direction of the Industry, Trade and Pyme areas (small and median company) of the Ministry of Economy.
Cdora. Laura Adriana Fiscina Director of Budget and Finance
Mrs. Laura Adriana Fiscina
Public Accountant. Graduate in Administration. She worked in the budget area of the Federal Planning, Public Investment and Services Ministry.
Dr. Gonzalo Martinez

Human Resources Director
Dr. Gonzalo Martínez
Lawyer. He held a postgraduate of “Environment, Economy and Society” at FLASCO (Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences). He was Director of Human Resources at RENAPER (National Registry of Persons).

Lic. Juan Carlos Biacchi Director General of Systems and Information Technology
Lic. Juan Carlos Biacchi
Graduate in Systems Analysis, He was Technical Consultant for companies, System Analyst in DUPONT Argentina and Head of ”The Systems and Technology Center” of the National Registry of Persons.
Sr. Martín Gerardo Benjamín Gorosito Director of Computer Applications
Mr. Martín Gerardo Benjamín Gorosito
He was in charge of the Department of Computer Connection, then he served as Head of the Department of Information Management and later he was appointed Coordinator of Computer Applications. NDM’s computer representative to MERCOSUR, taking part in the Computing and Communications Specialized Technical Group. General Direction of System and Technologies of Information (DGSyTI)’s representative to the Committee for Quality.
Sr. Matías Hanono

Director of Technology and Communications
Mr. Matías Hanono
He was coordinator of Technology and Communications; he was in charge of the Department of Connections and Communications. Previously he served as Head of the Department of Technology and Communications..

Dr. Juan Ignacio Carrasco General Director of Legal Technique
Dr. Juan Ignacio Carrasco
Lawyer. He was head of television coordination COMFER (Federal Broadcasting Committee). He teaches “Institutions of private law and economic”, Economics at UBA.
Dr. Eduardo Andres Fiorani Director of Judicial Affairs
Dr. Eduardo Andrés Fiorani
Lawyer. Teaching of the subjects “Business Law I” and “Institutions of Private and Economic Law” at the Economics Faculty, University of Buenos Aires
Dra. Marilina Vazquez Valencia Directora de Asuntos Legales (*)
Dra. Marilina Vazquez Valencia
Abogada. Fue titular de la Delegación Mar del Plata desde 2011 hasta julio de 2014. Anteriormente se desempeñó en distintas áreas de la Dirección de Radicaciones.
Dra. Maria Florencia Vieyra

Procedure Director
Dr. María Florencia Vieyra
Lawyer. She was adviser to the Chamber of Deputies of the Province of Buenos Aires. She was Technical Advisor of the organization.

(*) Designación en trámite

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