Agreement Letter with Citizens

Carta Compromiso con el Ciudadano

The National Direction of Migration renews the obligations assumed for this administration of working in pursuit of the consolidation of a dynamic, modern, efficient and transparent organization, committed to the complete inclusion of the persons, the right to identity and the respect for the human rights of migrants, signing today the Fifth Commitment Letter with Citizens.

In order to achieve these aims and go more deeply into the quality of the services and products offered by the organization, we propose ourselves more challenging commitments directed to the excellence, the complete satisfaction of our customers and the continuous improvement in all processes, supported in the inexhaustible involvement of all the staff. This challenge also involves delving the Improvement Plan for the sake of a more effective and efficient management, committed to sustaining an inclusive immigration policy for migrants, promoting the culture of citizen empowerment, the transparency and openness of management.

Being knowledgeable about the aims that promotes the transforming culture of the Program, is that we bet to continue with Commitment Letter, pushing for reforms that directly impact on our customers, such as digital signature, electronic file, single box, biometric and digital systems of registration and identification of migratory movements, appointments-paid of taxes-request of files (on-line), open data, mobile migration offices, special regularization programs of migrants, resumption of migration control in every crossing point of the country, opportunities for citizen participation, alliance with the third sector, recertification of processes under international standards, among many actions.

Finally, this new Letter is not merely a formal statement of rendering services, but that compel us to keep the commitments assumed and improve them every day, generating credibility in the role and work accomplished by the NDM, based on high ethical commitments, quality of services received by citizens and a big technological innovation, simplifying immigration procedures. We will continue working with all the staff as strongly as ever to meet and exceed the goals proposed, distinguished by the nonconformity of continuous improvement.

See full text of the fifth Agreement Letter with Citizens

See full text of the fifth Agreement Letter with Citizens - Mar del Plata

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