Carta Compromiso con el Ciudadano

The National Direction of Migration undertakes today a new institutional challenge, to sing the Fourth Commitment Letter with Citizens. This challenge involved sustaining the quantity and quality of the standards stated for essential products and services offered by the organization, but also lead us to expand on the improvements of an administration to ensure and effective, efficient, and transparent and committed to sustaining an inclusive immigration policy for migrants, on the basis of unconditional recognition of human rights. The obligations assumed are reinforcing with this instrument of quality, emphasizing on moderns tools of administration to provide faster answers to the needs of an ever more demanding and diverse public.

The modernization process of the integrated management of this organization, conducive to improve the development and implementation of public policies, laying down the foundations to ensure a close and effective relationship with the citizens.

This fourth letter is not merely a formal statement of rendering services, but that compel us to keep commitments and improve them every day, generating credibility in the role and work accomplished by the organization.

The current Commitment Letter would not be viable without the effort, dedication and contribution of each of the people working in this organization; hence we commit to each and every one of them to continue working on this new project.

Imbued with the spirit that dwells in the Commitment Letter, is that today we renew this commitment that is always synonymous of growth and development, aiming at achieving an ideal institutional quality and transparent to the citizens. Proof of this, was the fact that we were the first country in the world to be able to certify the processes controlling migration movement of entering and leaving of people- by the International Airport at Ezeiza and by the Buquebus Terminal at Buenos Aires Port- under Rules ISO 9001:2008.

We go on working with equal force on the commitments made to strengthen a modern management, characterized by the own dissent from the continuous improvement.

Dr. Martin A. Arias Duval         
Dr. Martín A. Arias Duval   
Director Nacional de Migraciones

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