Requirements for applying a certificate

- National Identity Card in force and in good condition which proves: NATIONAL IDENTITY CARD, PASSPORT, CIVIC BOOK, ENROLLMENT BOOK, NATIONALITY CERTIFICATE OR IDENTITY CARD (issued by Argentina Federal Police or competent authority of neighboring countries).

- The process is personal. Exception:

. REPRESENTATIVE: The procedure may be carried out by representative, who must appear bringing the power granted by the applicant before notary public and legalized by the Chamber of Notaries of its jurisdiction, and the National Identity Card of the person concerned.

The certificate will cost $ 50 for the procedure of:


- CERTIFICATE OF ENTRY / EXIT TO THE COUNTRY (submit entry date (day, month and year), name of the ship where you arrived in the country and / or passport with which entered)

- MIGRATORY MOVEMENTS BY PERIOD OF 12 MONTHS (submit the documents with which made the entries and exits of the country) Shall be exempted from payment of the tax those who duly prove condition of poverty, or members of the secular clergy, or ministers of religious worship recognized by the competent authority (Order 231/09).


The concerned must attend at Antártida Argentina Avenue 1355, Building No. 3 from 8:00 to 14:00hs. He must request prior appointment by web

The appointment given will enable you to apply for a maximum of five (5) requests.

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