Usual Questions


  1. 1 - Can the green NIC be used for leaving the country?
Yes; the current green NIC is valid until 31/07/2016 (Resolution RNP (National Registry of Persons) No. 617/16).

  1. 2 - Can the bordeaux (or brown) manuscript NIC for foreigners be use for leaving the country?
Yes; the bordeaux or brown manuscript NIC in force (whether you have a temporary or permanent residence) is valid until March 31st, 2016 (Resolution RNP No. 2,030 / 15).

  1. 3 - I was born in Argentina but I have passport of another nationality. Can I leave the country with the passport of that new nationality and Argentine NIC?
If you hold a passport from a country with which Argentina has an agreement of nationality (COLOMBIA - CHILE - ECUADOR - EL SALVADOR - SPAIN - UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (until 10/20/81) - HONDURAS - ITALY - NICARAGUA - NORWAY - PANAMA - SWEDEN), you can leave the country with that passport and Argentine NIC (NDM Regulation No. 2,742 / 2009).

  1. 4 - Where can I make a travel permission / authorization for minors, being in Argentina?
The permissions / authorizations for minors are made before a notary public, competent judge (may be Peace Courts), competent authorities of the Civil Status and Capacity of Persons Register (CGPC if they live in Capital) and NDM officials specially authorized at "Ezeiza" Airport, Port of Buenos Aires "Buquebús" and Jorge Newbery Airport (NDM Regulation No. 2,656 / 2011).

  1. 5 - Where can I make a travel permission / authorization if I'm abroad?
If you are abroad you should appear before the nearest Argentine consulate or before a notary public, this must be translated and apostilled.

  1. 6 - Does the National Direction of Migration prepare travel permissions / authorizations?
Yes; they are made at Ezeiza Airport, Jorge Newbery Airport and the Port of Buenos Aires (Buquebús) and they are only valid for a single trip, having a cost of $ 600.

  1. 7 - Can parents make a broad scope travel permission / authorization?
Yes; travel permissions / authorizations do not need necessarily be restrictive and may have broad scope (meaning that permissions / authorizations can be made up to the age of majority, at any country in the world and minors can travel alone or accompanied) (NDM Regulation No. 2,656 / 2011).

  1. 8 - How long is Argentine passport valid?
The Argentine passport is valid until its expiration date. However it, you should take into account that to enter other countries, in several cases, a certain period of validity is required prior to its expiration. (Consultation must be made at the consulate of destination in Argentina Republic).

  1. 9 - Can I exit the country with the light blue book NIC that came with the NIC of card format?
Yes; both the light blue "book" NIC as the "card" NIC are documentations able for traveling, provided that they are in force.

  1. 10 - As a foreigner, if I exceeded the time allowed for being in the country, what should I do to exit from Argentina?
If the period of staying granted at the moment of entering the National Territory has expired you must pay an authorization for leaving of $ 500 (Irregular condition up to 2 years ) $ 1500 ( irregular condition than 2 years ) MERCOSUR countries . Extra MERCOSUR countries $ 1500 ( irregular condition until 1 year) $ 3000 ( irregular condition than 2 years ) to the Administrative Offices of the NDM (either Central Offices, Delegations, Migratory Offices, Retiro bus station and the Ezeiza and Jorge Newbery Airports, having this ten (10) days of validity (NDM Regulation No. 899/2013) Ver más

  1. 11 - In order to leave the country is it necessary that the birth certificates or statements are updated?
To exit the country the birth certificates or statements do not required to be updated, however these must be originals or certified copies.

  1. 12 - When should the minors update their NIC?
The first renewal is between 5 and 8 years old, unless otherwise had been stated in the NIC. It is important to remember that the green NIC is valid until June 30th, 2015 as a travel document, even if the expiration date is later.
Those children who have completed the first update (5/8 years) before November 1st., 2012, their NIC have an expiration date stated, regularly at 16 years old plus 180 days from the day they turn to the age of 16, according Order No. 538/04.
All children who have completed the first update (5/8 years) subsequent to November 1st., 2012, will have expiration date stated in the NIC at 14 years old plus 180 days established by Order No. 538/04.

  1. 13 - I have my NIC a bit damaged, can I travel with that document?
All travel documents must be in good condition and identify its owner.

  1. 14 - If one parent has died, what documentation must submit the surviving parent to exit the country?
He/she must submit travel documents (NIC or Passport, for Mercosur members countries and Associates countries and Passport for the rest of the world, in force and in good condition) accompanying the birth certificate or statement to prove the bond and the death certificate of the deceased parent (the documents must be original or certified copy). You can also use the new NIC for minors to prove the bond, where the complete data of both parents are registered.

  1. 15 - Do I need travel authorization from my parents to travel if I'm over 18 years old?
No; the age of majority is 18 years old from the passing of Law No. 26,579 (12/02/09 to 12/21/09).

  1. 16 - How should I proceed to pay the outstanding debt incurred with Migration to return to Argentina?
In order to pay the debt (Authorization for leaving) you should access the Migration’s web site, click "Procedures" and then "Authorization for Leaving", there you will be guided on the steps to perform the payment.
You can access directly by clicking on the link below: It can be paid by a third party appearing at the Central Office of Migration at Antartida Argentina Avenue No. 1,355 (Zip Code 1104 ACA), Building No. 6, office of Authorization for Leaving from Monday through Friday between 08:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m. or at the nearest Migration’s Offices, who must have their personal document and the complete data of the holder of the debt.

  1. 17 - I am Argentine but when I entered the country last month I did with the Spanish passport because I had misplaced the Argentine NIC. At the moment of entering I was given 90 days as a tourist. I wanted to know which is the procedure I should do to solve this problem?
If you entered the country with passport from a country with which there is agreement of nationality (in this case Spain) and lost your NIC, you will be classified as "A 90 days tourist"; if you want to modify it, you must appear with your passport (Spanish), NIC and the classification will be rectified on payment of a rate of $ 200.

  1. 18 -What are the nationalities that must pay the reciprocity rate?

The reciprocity rate must be paid by natives of the United States, Australia and Canada. The reciprocity rate is paid BEFORE arriving the country.
To pay the reciprocity rate, you must access the Province Payments’ site Pagos
On Migration official website you can read instructions on how to make the payment:(View pdf)


  1. 19 - RESTRICCIÓN PARA SALIR DEL PAÍS - Cómo debo proceder para averiguar si puedo salir del país, ya que tuve un pedido de quiebra hace dos años?
SOLAMENTE el interesado debe presentarse en Av. Antártida Argentina 1355, CABA, munido de su documento de identidad en el Edificio N° 6 planta baja, letra M en el horario 08hs a 20hs (Teléfono 011-4317-0388).

  1. 20 - Cuándo deben los menores actualizar su DNI?
La primera renovación es entre los 5 y los 8 años, a menos que se indique lo contrario en el DNI. Cabe recordar que los DNI verde tienen vigencia hasta el 30/06/2015 como documento de viaje, aun cuando la fecha de vencimiento sea posterior.
Aquellos menores que hayan realizado la primera actualización (5/8 años) antes del 01/11/2012, sus DNI tienen un vencimiento expreso, regularmente a los 16 años más 180 días corridos a partir del día en que cumple 16 años, de acuerdo al Decreto N° 538/04.
Los menores que hayan realizado la primera actualización (5/8 años) posteriormente al 01/11/2012, tendrán vencimiento expreso en el DNI a los 14 años más los 180 días establecidos por el Decreto N° 538/04.

Para egresar del país con destino a países del MERCOSUR y Asociados (BOLIVIA – BRASIL – PARAGUAY – URUGUAY –CHILE – ECUADOR – COLOMBIA – VENEZUELA – PERU) podrá hacerlo tanto con DNI o Pasaporte.
A países NO MERCOSUR, solamente con pasaporte.

  1. 22 - Mi hija nació en 2011 y tiene solo libreta celeste, SIN FOTO. No tiene problemas para egresar?
Los DNI libreta celeste (confección con tecnología digital) son válidos para egresar del país.
Si el menor viaja con sus padres, éstos deberán presentar documento de donde surja la filiación (Partida de Nacimiento, Acta de Nacimiento, Libreta de Matrimonio siempre que esté el menor inscripto en ella y en el caso que los datos de los progenitores figuren en el DNI del menor).
Si el menor viaja con solo uno de sus padres, la filiación con el que viaja el menor y la autorización del otro progenitor.
Si viaja solo o acompañado por terceros, la autorización expresa de los padres.

Los argentinos para ingresar a otros países deberán presentar:
• Países MERCOSUR y ASOCIADOS: PASAPORTE o DNI (válidos y vigentes).

Consultar con los consulados de los países de destino la necesidad o no de requerir visación consular.

La constancia de DNI en trámite NO es documento hábil para egresar del país.

  1. 25 - Quiénes pagan tasa de reciprocidad?
Pagan Tasa de Reciprocidad los ciudadanos CANADIENSES – AUSTRALIANOS y ESTADOUNIDENSES.

Para la reimpresión de la tasa de reciprocidad el interesado deberá acceder por la página oficial de esta DNM, acceder al icono abone su TASA DE RECIPROCIDAD donde tramitó su primer pago de la tasa con su clave BAPRO que género en su momento y continúe con las instrucciones.

Para acceder al rembolso de una tasa de reciprocidad deberá iniciar el trámite ingresando por la página oficial de esta DNM, acceder al ícono abone su TASA DE RECIPROCIDAD, presione el ícono CONTINUAR y seleccione la opción ENTER A CLAIM (RECLAMO) y continúe con las instrucciones.


  1. 1 - I am a citizen of URUGUAY / PARAGUAY / BOLIVIA / CHILE / PERU / ECUADOR / COLOMBIA / VENEZUELA and I want to begin the procedure of residence, how do I do it?
For the fact of being native of any of those countries, the law in force gives you access to a temporary residence with authorized stay for 2 (TWO) years. You can get the requirements entering in Click here

  1. 2 - I have Brazilian nationality. Can I get a permanent residence for that reason?
Yes. Law No. 26,240 is in force, which approves the Agreement between Argentina Republic and the Federal Republic of Brazil for the granting of permanent residence. The specific requirements of the procedure can be found in the option: Click here

  1. 3 - How do I get a permanent residence in Argentina?
The current migration law allows access to a permanent residence proving:
- be relative of an Argentine native
- be relative of a foreign native who has permanent residence.
- have a temporary residence in force, for more than 2 (TWO) years, if native of a MERCOSUR country.
- have a temporary residence in force, for more than 3 (THREE) years, if native of a NON MERCOSUR country.
- have served as a diplomatic officer.

The specific requirements for each of these options may be consulted online at: Click here You must choose one of the options according to your nationality (if your country is part of MERCOSUR / or not).
Please note that due to the constant demand is likely that the date of the appointment for the procedure of your Permanent Resident result later of the date of expiration of your Temporary Residence. This does not mean any impediment to process said "Change of Category" in the case of having booked the appointment within its validity period or within the month of grace after its expiration date.
If you process your appointment outside these periods, you will pay the cost of the procedure plus an additional of 50%.

  1. 4 - I am a citizen of a NON MERCOSUR county. Can I get a temporary or permanent residence in Argentina?

Yes. The current law allows granted in your favor a temporary residence for up to TWELVE (12) months, proving that you are included in some of the reasons stipulated in the Law. The specific requirements for each of the cases may be consulted by entering in the option: Click here . You must consult the appropriate options on the left side of the page.

  1. 5 - How can I manage the Argentine citizenship?
The procedure for obtaining Argentine citizenship must be made in judicial court.
- If you are domiciled in C.A.B.A. (Autonomous City of Buenos Aires), you may appear before the Federal Court of Appeals in Civil and Commercial, at Talcahuano 550 ground floor, office 2083, between 7:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.,
- Persons domiciled in the rest of the country should appear before the Federal National Court in Civil and Commercial closest to their domicile.

  1. 6 - Can I attend directly to start my procedure of residence?
No. You must request an appointment for each person who wants to start the procedure.
Please enter to: here select the option "APPOINTMENT FOR PROCEDURE OF RESIDENCE / NIC AND CERTIFICATIONS" and complete the necessary fields according to the procedure to be started.

  1. 7 - How much does the procedure cost?
To the date, the procedure of temporary / permanent residence has a fee of $ 1000 (Mercosur native) or $ 2000 (Non Mercosur countries). When initiating the procedure of residence, you must also pay the rate for the issue of the NIC: $ 60 (MERCOSUR) / $ 60 (Non MERCOSUR).

  1. 8 - I need to get my residence URGENTLY, what options do I have?
If for particular reasons you cannot wait till the date of the appointment assigned to start your procedure, you may get an EXTRAORDINARY APPOINTMENT that enables you to start your process at once.
In order to do this you must pay an additional rate of $ 2000 , apart from the rate corresponding to the procedure to be started.

For this benefit, you must comply with the following steps:

1. Pay the corresponding additional rate: the payment of the additional rate is made through one of the following options:
a) Electronic payment with credit card (Visa or Mastercard by calling (011) 4360-7859,
b) Payment by Internet, entering the site, c) Personally, through the method "no invoice payment" only in the payment points of Province Payments nationwide. So you will get a payment receipt with a "Reference Number" which you will be asked at the moment of applying for the appointment at the website of the NDM. 2. You must enter here select the option "APPOINTMENT FOR PROCEDURE OF RESIDENCE / NIC AND CERTIFICATIONS" and fill in the "Order Number" field with the Reference Number obtained to manage your URGENT appointment.

  1. 9 - How do I get my Certificate of Argentine Criminal Record?
We suggest you enter at the website for the purpose of verifying the nearest Office to your domicile in order to manage there this procedure. Remember to check the data stated on it at the time of delivery.

  1. 10 - What validity has for Migration the Certificate of Criminal Record issued by the National Direction of the National Registry of Residence?
This Certificate is valid for 90 (ninety) consecutive days from the date of issue.
Important: the booking of the appointment suspends the expiration date of the Certificate of Criminal Records

  1. 11 - How do I get my Certificate of Domicile?
Regarding the Certificate of Domicile, it must be requested from the Argentina Federal Police (for the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires). Regarding the interior of the country, it may be required before the provincial police, the Civil Register or the Peace Court with jurisdiction over your domicile.
You can also prove your domicile submitting: electricity, gas, phone bill, credit card summary, etc. Remember that it must be issued in the name of the procedure of residence holder.

  1. 12 - Must I submit criminal record of my country of origin when making the change of category for Mercosur countries?
If you have actually resided in the country for more than half of the length of the stay granted, you should NOT submit such certificate of foreign records.

  1. 13 - What is the Certificate of Transitional Residence for?
The Certificate of Transitional Residence IN FORCE, is the proof issued by the NDM where it is stated that you have initiated a residence procedure. It confirms your foreign condition in REGULAR migration status. This certificate IN FORCE allows you, among other things:
- Enter and exit of the country (with your valid and current documentation able for traveling)
- Develop any lawful activity in the country (work / study / get medical attention / make procedures / etc.)
- Request your temporary C.U.I.L. (Unique Labor Identification Code) at any ANSES (National Social Security Administration) office.

  1. 14 - I entered the data to apply for renewal of the Certificate of Transitional Residence, and the system tells me that it is not applicable, what do I do?
- First, check if the data were entered correctly, note that placing the file number, the last 4 digits indicate the year: Ex.: 2155452014, you should place on the 1st box: 215 545 and on the second: 2014
- In the case that at the moment of making the request, it does not take the data and the legend would be: "Only procedures at Head Office", we suggest you attend to our Office, with that printed, and your Transitional Residence, between the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., in order to provide you a solution.

  1. 15 - My Certificate of Transitional Residence has expired and I must renew it, how do I do it?
For the procedures started at NDM offices within the country, the renewal must be applied in person, by going to the office nearest your domicile.
For the procedures started at Head Office, you must apply for it entering in ingresando aquí The steps to follows are:
- Place your File number and date of birth.
An automatic record with your order will be generated, which will be processed within 72 business hours of entering.
You can view / print your new Certificate of Transitional Residence entering the option "FOLLOW THE STATE OF THE PROCEDURE" on the website of the NDM, completing the file number and date of birth.
IMPORTANT: If after 72 business hours you cannot view your new certificate, you must appear before the NDM to check the status of your procedure, as the requested renewal was not authorized.
Remember that the procedure described is only admissible for those procedures that have been started at the Head Office of our "National Direction of Migration", the holder of the procedure must be unfailingly in Argentina. At other offices, you must attend personally to manage this procedure.

  1. 16 - I want to know detailed information on the status of my procedure. How can I get it?
You can get general information about the status of your procedure at the website of the NDM. To access to detail information thereof, you should attend in person at the office in which you have initiated the same
It requests submitted identity card and Certificate of Transitional Residence or proof of have started the procedure.
Consultation should be performed personally.

  1. 17 - I started my procedure for residence and I have not received the NIC in my home yet. Where can I check the status of the procedure?
You must enter on our website and choose the option "FOLLOW THE STATE OF PROCEDURE". Completing the file number and date of birth, you will get information about the status of the same.
The possible results are:
-Lack of Documentation: You must go to the office of the NDM where you have started your procedure, in order to be notified about the documentation to be submitted.
-In monitoring process: Your procedure is ongoing. If your certificate of transitional residence is about to expire, we suggest you process its renewal.
-There is not record: verify the proper typing of your data.
-Resolved: Your procedure has already been performed. You can print a copy of the resolution taken.

  1. 18 - If I applied an appointment for extension / change of status, after the expiration of my temporary residence, Can I perform the procedure?
If you book the appointment in advance to the time of expiration of your temporary residence, or 30 (thirty) days after the same, you are enabled to perform the procedure.

  1. 19 - To request the extension as a student, must I submit proof of regular student?
Yes. You must submit proof of regular student legalized by the Ministry of Education or by the UBA (University of Buenos Aires) (in case of students of this University).

  1. 20 - To apply for residence as a financier, must I have a bank account?
Yes. You need to have a bank account to begin the procedure of residence, having to prove higher monthly income to 8,000 (eight thousand) argentine pesos.


  1. 1 - How can I know if I have to renew my NIC and before what date should I do it?
From 1st April, 2016 the only NIC valid will be the NIC on card format. As such, if you only has a NIC on book format, you must renew it. If you have any models of the NIC on card format, these are all valid and you shall not make the renewal procedure. It can also be consulted on the website

  1. 2 - I have a NIC on book format and I must renew it before April as indicated, where have I to make the procedure?
If you live in Capital Federal, you must submit the procedure at Hipólito Yrigoyen 952 Street (CABA) prior appointment. The same is obtained from this website by clicking "Get your appointment online".
If you are domiciled in the province, the renewal is done at the nearest Civil Registry or Reference Center (RC).

  1. 3 - What documents should I submit to get my new NIC?
According to the type of procedure to be carried out, you can see the requirements in this website clicking Foreigners National Identity Card (NIC).

  1. 4 - How will I receive my new NIC?
The new NIC is delivered directly to the address stated by the owner by registered mailing piece, upon presentation of the commencement of the procedure as proof.

Mail service visit your home twice. If delivery cannot be made the NIC is sent to:
. If you live in the province: it is delivered to the office where you performed the procedure.
. If you live in Capital Federal: it is delivered at Jujuy 468 Street (CABA)

  1. 5 - I received my NIC and it has an error in its data. What should I do?
You should approach to the office where you performed the procedure of your NIC without appointment, and request its correction.

  1. 6 - I am foreigner with a permanent resident and I am over 75 years old, should I renew my NIC?
No renewal is mandatory for persons over 75 years old.

  1. 7 - I have already realized the procedure for my new NIC and I has not received it, how can I know in what state is it in?
You can approach to the office where you realized the procedure or check its state through the page

  1. 8 - At what age children must renew their NIC?
The first renewal must be done between 5 years old and before the age of 8 years and the second renewal is performed at the age of 14.

  1. 9 - I have a relative who cannot move by himself, how can I manage the renewal of his/her NIC for foreigners?
If your home is in the province, you should perform the request before the closest Civil Registry or RC, you can also apply for it at the Perón 664 Street (CABA).
If your home is in Capital Federal you should approach at Hipólito Yrigoyen 952 Street (CABA) or apply it by mail to trá and staff of the National Direction of Migration will contact you to explain the requirements and coordinate, if applicable, a date to perform the procedure at home.

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