The activity carries out by the Direction of International and Social Affairs has been increasing with the passage of the years mainly due to the growing importance of migration in the processes of integration and regionalization.

The formation of a block that exceeds the purely economic aspects, such as MERCOSUR and its Associated States, has propitiated a regional dialogue on migration phenomenon in its entirety. The objectives of the policy that drives the Argentina Republic in this area have been changing in recent years, seeking to guide the governance of migration through the signing of bilateral and regional agreements based on reciprocity of treatment and equal rights of its nationals and in the simplification in grating the residence, with the premise on facing joint solutions and consensus among the countries.

The main functions performed by this Direction, reporting directly to the National Direction of Immigration, are listed below:

1. Propose actions for planning and monitoring migration policies in the regional and international context..

2. Represent to the National Direction at meeting of international and institutional nature related to regional and international migration policies.

3. Take part in issues concerning the conclusion of international and inter an institutional agreement which treats the issue of migration.

4. To advise the National Direction on regional and international migration policies and conducting an analysis on comparative legislation on migration.

5. Understand and participate in the implementation of the Convention on the Statute of Refuge of 1951 and other international documents on human rights.

6. Understand in the field of the National Direction, everything related to the implementation of such agreements as relates to the national migration rule.

7. Attend to the different areas of the National Direction in the formulation of procedures relevant to the implementation of the migration law as those can be linked to human rights rules.

8. Plan and propose course of action to follow for the best care of migrants, proposing the signing of the inter institutional agreements necessary to achieve that aim.

9. Organize historical and building material that is part of the value of the National Direction of Migration and propose the necessary measures for its conservation and maintenance.

10. Organize the National Direction’s bibliographic and statistical material, proposing the necessary administrative measures for their conservation, propagation and request.

11. Study the problem of Argentines abroad, proposing measures aimed at solving the unsuitable documentaries that they could have, making interinstitutional requests that may correspond.

12. Develop programs and activities linking to the Argentines living abroad.

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