Recommendations to Consider Before Traveling

- It is essential to find all available information on the country where you intend to settle, their living conditions, habits and customs which allow you to plan better your trip, even reconsider your decision to migrate.

- Travel with documents of identity and travel valid, together with their copies to facilitate the issuance in case of lost and to bring with you to move around the foreign country.

- For children not accompanied by their parents, must have the travel authorization signed by one or both parents, as appropriate.

- Keep addresses and phone numbers of Argentina embassies and consulates of the country where you are traveling

- Each country has different criteria and requirements for the entry and the stay of foreigners. Check at the embassy or consulate of the country where you want to travel, what are those requirements. These requirements depend on the purpose of your trip.
- Avoid travel with all the money in cash.
- Have a medical service abroad.
- Have data of family and/or acquaintance in Argentina for warning in case of emergency.

- Avoid carrying third-party effects when crossing borders.
- When you are abroad you shall respect and observe the law and local regulations. Any action against them shall be liable to penalties.
Note that each country has its own rules and the laws change. Accordingly, treatment of offenders will be different.

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