Foreigner´s Passport

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Since Order 261/2011 comes into force, the New Passport is issue by the Home Ministry through the National Registry of People, at all the Digital Offices of the country or Fast Document Centers in which the NIC is usually processed.

In the framework of the aforementioned regulation the passport will be issued jointly with the NIC for foreigners resident in ARGENTINA REPUBLIC in the following cases:

FOREIGNER’S PASSPORT (Section 8, clause “D” Order 261/2011)

1) Spouse or widower of an Argentine citizen


a) National Identity Card.
b) Certificate issued by the consular authority corresponding to their nationality, which establishes the loss of it, or the reasons which prevent the authority to extend passport the interested.
c) Birth, marriage and death statement or certificate, if any, or marriage certificate where it is stated its registration, only when the act is duly registered in the Argentina Republic, or otherwise, foreign birth and marriage statement or certificate translated into Spanish language with legalization of the Translators Association;
d) Spouse’s Civic Book, Enrollment Book or National Identity Card, or spouse's naturalization papers for the purpose of verifying her/his Argentina nationality;
e) Certificate issued by the National Direction of Migration proving their legal residence.

2) Children under EIGHTEEN (18) years old born abroad, children of Argentine parent or adopted by Argentine citizens.


a) National Identity Card,
b) Birth certificate or statement, and adoption certificate as appropriate;
c) Parent or adoptive parent’s Enrollment Book or Certificate, or Civic Book, National Identity Card or birth certificate or naturalization papers, as appropriate, for the purpose of verifying their Argentina nationality.
d) At the moment of the procedure of a Passport for minors, it should contain express consent of who/whom exercise parental rights and duties, custody or guardianship with the statement that said exercise is not limited to give it, otherwise this lack must be fulfill with judicial authorization.

FOREIGNER’S SPECIAL PASSPORT (Section 11 Order 261/2011)

1) When they were native from countries without diplomatic or consular representation and do not have entrusted the protection of their natives with representatives of other Nation.

2) When they have no nationality (stateless persons).

3) When they were unable to obtain the necessary documentation to travel abroad in the respective consular representation.

4) In the case of foreigners for which it applies the Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees and related regulations.

The Foreigner’ Special Passport will be personal, valid for the term of ONE (1) year and in all cases the holder shall attach the National Identity Card. It must invariably be endorsed by Foreign Service officers of the Nation to allow its owner return to the ARGENTINA REPUBLIC, it must be presented at the occasion, the National Identity Card.

The passport mentions in Section 11, clause 1) of this regulation, will be provided according to the communications carried out by the MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS, INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND WORSHIP, for countries which have no diplomatic or consular representation in ARGENTINA REPUBLIC.

IMPORTANT: Each time it is managed Special Passport for foreigners on the grounds specified in clauses 2) and 3) of article 11 of Decree 261/201, applicants should verify these conditions by judicial information.

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