Processing of Entry

Trámites en el Exterior ante el Consulado Argentino

Processing of Entry

Through this procedure is applied for the entry and stay of foreigners residing abroad. The National Direction of Migration issues an Entry Permit which must be submitted by the entrants to the Argentine consulate with jurisdiction over their habitual place of residence.

With that permit, the visa to enter the country is handled at the consulate, in the authorized migration status. Once processed the visa and produced the entry to the country of the foreigners, they are automatically settled and must deal with - if applicable - their National Identity Card (NIC) in the National Registry of Persons, within sixty (60) business days of the entry.

All documentation must be submitted in original and simple copy or a copy certified by a notary (if the notary is not placed at the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, his firm must be certified by the College of Notaries in the province that apply).

All documents issued abroad must be submitted authenticated by the Argentine consulate of the issuing country or with a stamp of Apostille of the Hague Convention.- All documents issued in other languages than Spanish must be translated by a certified national translator, it has to be legalized by the Translators' Association where the professional is enrolled.

Inmigration rates: See table with the corresponding rates

Are exempted from paying this tax:

- Children under of 16 (sixteen) years settling with their parents
- The asylum seekers or refugees
- Those that prove their poverty must accompany the corresponding certificate of poverty issued by competent authority (Civil Registry, Peace Court, etc.).
- Those who initiate processing by reason of their membership of the Secular Clergy and the religious Ministers recognized by the competent authority (under Section 2 clause. B) Order 231/2009).
- It is made in person at the Consulates and by representative at the Headquarters of the National Direction of Migration and offices from the interior of the country.
- Hours of opening of the Headquarters: Antártida Argentina Avenue N º 1355 from 08:00 a.m. to 13:30 p.m. (numbers are given only until 11:00 a.m.)
- In all cases in addition to the specific documentation must be submitted photocopy of the foreigner’s passport.

In the event that the applicant will be exempt from any tax liability due the criteria requested, he must accompany the supporting documentation to prove this exemption.

If applicable, prior to the procedure of an Entry Authorization application, the Applicant entity of the foreign entry must be registered on the Single National Registry of Foreigners Applicant of the National Direction of Migration (RENURE) (NDM Regulation 54.618/2008)..

The documentation submitted to the RENURE must be updated at the time of initiation the procedures before the Department.

The representatives involved must be registered in the Registry of Representative of the National Direction of Migration (NDM Regulation 32.689/2004), and submit the appropriate document at the beginning of each procedure.

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