Entrying and Leaving the Country

Migration Control Procedures

• Office / Organization:
Department of Operational Coordination - General Direction of Migratory Movement - National Direction of Migration - Home Ministry.

  Location: Antártida Argentina Avenue1355.

  Phone: (011) 4317-0388

  Email: info@migraciones.gov.ar

Transcription of the entry seal
Inquiries about restriction
Rectification of seal


The transcription of the seal is intended to those who require transcription or transfer of the entry seal placed in the travel document with which they entered the country, on other travel document obtained either by theft, loss or expiration of the documentation submitted in due time before the entry control.

1. The procedure is personal or through a third party with power to act on their behalf.
2. You must submit the new passport issued by competent authority. If you had a certified copy of the above documentation also should be submitted.
3. Your entry must be demonstrated through appropriate evidence.
4. In case of theft or loss of the documents with which you have entered the country, you must accompany the corresponding police report.

• Hours of opening: from 8:00 am to 21:00 pm
• Cost: $ 200


The rectification of the seal is intended for those whose enter to the country were wrongly described in the relevant entry stamp.
1. The procedure is personal or through a third party with power to act on behalf of.
2. You must submit the document in which the entry was wrongly given, one (1) photocopy of the page with the relationship data and 1 (one) photocopy which contains the entry stamp
3. The movement should appear in the computer system.

Hours of opening: 08:30 to 16:30 hrs.
Cost: $ 200 AR - For acts attributable to the Administration the procedure is free.


To inquiry about any restrictions on your person in the computer system of this organization:
1. The procedure is personal.
2. You must submit identifying documentation (National Identity Card, Identity Card, Passport, Enrollment Book, Civic Book).

General Information:

The inquiry about restrictions is made at the moment and it is not given any record of it.

The verification of restriction may be provided in any of our branches or in the areas of entry and exit of the Metropolitan Area (Aeroparque Jorge Newbery, Ezeiza International Airport Mtro. Pistarini, Buquebus, etc.), performed always in a personal way and carrying the identifying documents.

• Hours of opening: 08:30 to 21:00 pm
• Cost: No charge

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